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Evergreen has rapidly become a global technology leader and innovator in the solar industry. They have been in business for more than 13 years which makes them well established experts in the industry.

Evergreen Solar produces a range of high quality poly-crystalline solar panels for on-grid markets offering exceptional performance, extraordinary versatility and industry leading environmental credentials based on our cutting edge String Ribbon™ wafer technology.

Our String Ribbon™ Wafers — Genius in its Simplicity

Silicon wafers form the basis of solar cells and the bulk of all solar panels made today. Conventional technologies for producing silicon wafers are based on energy-intensive casting and oil-based machining and cutting of large silicon blocks. Not something you'd expect from a hi-tech, clean energy product. Our cutting-edge wafer technology in contrast is genius in its simplicity, efficiency and cleanliness.

Our String Ribbon™ wafers originate from the natural science of “surface tension”.  In simple terms the making of a String Ribbon wafer is just like the making of a soap bubble — the surface tension between the soapy bubble solution and the wand creates the bubble.

The only difference is that instead of the “ring” inside which a bubble forms, we use two parallel high-temperature filaments between which a thin film of silicon is formed. With our proprietary technique, two high-temperature filaments are pulled vertically through a silicon melt, and the molten silicon spans and solidifies between the filaments.

   But String Ribbon is just the beginning. They have more innovations in the works, including a revolutionary method of producing thinner wafers, and unique ways to boost their manufacturing and product efficiencies even further. Add the fact that they manufacture everything — wafers, cells and panels — all under one roof for ultimate quality control, and it's clear that Evergreen Solar is committed to being the best in the industry.  And that's not all. Because of the unique way their solar panels made, they are the most environmentally friendly solar panels in the business. 

Basic Module Features are:

•  Higher strength with wind and snow loads, up to 80 lbs/ft

•  Extensive range of mounting options

•  UL Listings: UL 1703, cUL

•  Modules are assembled in the USA

•  Modules are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities


ES-A Series

200, 205 and 210 W

The new ES-A Series feature high quality String Ribbon™ solar panels made with the latest generation of our revolutionary wafer technology.  No other solar panels combine exceptional performance and industry-leading environmental credentials with the ability to be installed on virtually any roof in almost any climate.


•  Field performance ratings over 90%

•  Power tolerance -0 / +5 W

•  Smallest carbon footprint of any manufacturer

•  Energy payback as short as 12 months

•  Extended length cables with clickable Type 4 MC® connectors

•  Double-walled, high strength frame

•  5-year workmanship and 25-year power warranty

•  Compliant with all standards in major markets

-  International 61215 and 61730 standards
-  American National Electric Code (2008)
-  American (1703 and 4703) and Canadian (ULC/ORD-
   C1703-01) UL standards
-  German standard DIN VDE V 0126-5

Electrical Specifications

Standard Test Conditions (STC) 1





P mp 2 :  

200 W

205 W

210 W

P tolerance :  

-0 / +4.99 W

P mp, max :  

204.99 W

209.99 W

214.99 W

P mp, min :  

200.00 W

205.00 W

210.00 W

? min :  




P ptc 3 :  

180.6 W

185.2 W

189.8 W

V mp :  

18.1 V

18.4 V

18.7 V

I mp :  

11.05 A

11.15 A

11.23 A

V oc :  

22.5 V

22.8 V

23.1 V

I sc :  

12.00 A

12.10 A

12.10 A


Nominal Operating Cell
Temperature Conditions (NOCT) 4




- fa2*

T NOCT :  


P max :  

146.4 W

150.1 W

153.7 W

V mp :  

16.7 V

16.8 V

17.0 V

I mp :  

8.76 A

8.93 A

9.04 A

V oc :  

20.5 V

20.7 V

21.0 V

I sc :  

9.60 A

9.68 A

9.76 A

1 1000 W/m 2 , 25°C cell temperature, AM 1.5 spectrum.
2 Maximum power point or rated power.
3 At PV-USA Test Conditions: 1000 W/m 2 , 20°C ambient temperature, 1 m/s wind speed.
4 800 W/m 2 , 20°C ambient temperature, 1 m/s wind speed, AM 1.5 spectrum f-framed, a-low voltage, 2-matt blue (textured) cells.

Low Irradiance
The typical relative reduction of module efficiency at an irradiance of 200 W/m 2 , both at 25°C cell temperature and spectrum AM 1.5 is 0%.

Evergreen ES-A Series Photovoltaic Solar Panels Mechanical Specifications



Evergreen ES-A Series Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Data Sheet (PDF, 311K)

Spanish Data Sheet (PDF, 321K)

Limited Warranty (PDF, 188K)

Mounting Guide (PDF, 938K)

Installation Manual (PDF, 283K)

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