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Heliodyne Solar Hot Water




The GOBI line of solar flat-plate collectors is one of the industry’s highest-rated collectors. Over 30 years of design and engineering refinement have gone into making it a world class performer for heat output, efficiency, and durability. The collector is available in 3 sizes, with 2 surface types to choose from (blue sputtered, and black paint), making it versatile and suitable for all types of solar heating applications.

Heliodyne Collector


Low-profile tapered design for a subtle rooftop presence
Optimal heat absorption and overall efficiency
Certified to withstand 50lbs per square foot
Anodized aluminum frame improves durability & rigidity
No-solder connections with factory installed DYN-O-SEAL unions
Rated by SRCC and IAPMO as one of the industry’s best-performing collectors


The GOBI collector is available in 3 sizes (4’ X 6’, 4’ X 8’, 4’ X 10’) to accommodate various system loads, as well as mounting-space limitations.

Absorber Surfaces:
Two absorber surface types (blue sputtered and black paint) are available depending on which geographic region you plan to install the system. We recommend the blue sputtered collector for most regions. The black paint collectors should only be used in ideal climates (such as Hawaii.)

GOBI Blue Sputtered CoatingBlue Sputter Coating:

Optimal heat absorption with minimal emission
Suitable for all types of installations and regions
Recommended for cool climates

GOBI Black Paint CoatingBlack Paint Coating:

An economical choice
Adequate heat absorption in ideal climate regions
Best for warm climates with ample solar radiation

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